Wimborne Minster is a market town in Dorset in South West England, and the name of the Church of England church in that town.

From whichever direction Wimborne is approached the two great towers of the Minster can be seen. Most of the building dates to the 12th century, although it was restored substantially by the Victorians.

The Minster is dedicated to St Cuthburga, sister of Ina King of Wessex. She founded a Benedictine Nunnery here around 705 AD; there may also have been a monastery.

Nuns from Wimborne were sent to Germany with St Boniface of Crediton (c. 680-755) to help convert the pagan tribes. As a result, Wimborne still has a special link with the town and Benedictine nunnery of Ochsenfuhrt.

In 871, Alfred the Great buried his brother Ethelred here (not the later King of England Ethelred), after a battle near Cranborne. The Nunnery, possibly already in decline, was destroyed in a Danish raid in 1013.