Website update

You may have noticed that over the past week there has been significant changes to the website from the new template to the inclusion of a more suitable shop (below) where you can now purchase the photographs in a much easier fashion.

I would like to thank Pablo for his help in getting the website to where it is today! I am sure over the coming weeks/months the continued improvements will continue with his help.

I wanted to make it clearer as to what you are purchasing and what you can purchase. The standard purchase is a £35-00 charge site wide (keep watching as there will be the occasional flash offer) is for a Flash disk. This will have your photograph on it so you can take it to a shop of your choice and have the print made to the size of your making.

One of my recent sales supplied by

I am however going to contact the people at (above) who have been doing my framed prints to date. I will offer the sizes they offer order the print and again just charge you the £35-00 for the framed or not photograph. With this I will also include a COA which will be attached to the back of your photograph.

I believe that about 95% of the photographs on this website are now available to you, if the one you want is NOT included please contact me at and it will be made available to you.

On another note, it is my intention to start Vlogging whilst out on my walks, probably once a week. I am uncertain when this will start as yet as I am still procuring the equipment. It is not something I have really done in the past, yes the odd live broadcast but that doesn’t count. I will post a notification on this blog once it has been uploaded to my YouTube channel.

I would like to thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to hearing from you.